Vol 4, No 1 (2019)

Toward better health outcomes


From the Editor

The journal's tagline “better health by design” encapsulates our efforts to achieve better health outcomes through better design of physical structures, processes, and technologies; better access to services and providers; and creating a more meaningful connection through deep listening and active engagement.


Involving patients as active and engaged participants of their own health care is imperative in effective diabetes management. It is time to focus on a pathway built by patient-led sustainable and achievable goals.


In this study, most participants were unable to locate body organs and the anatomical source of pain, which suggests poorer health literacy than previously described in the literature. This research may have implications for help-seeking behaviour and may be a factor in delayed presentation for serious pathology.

Design Insight

The Network of HIV Positives in Sierra Leone established a Community Treatment Observatory (CTO) to generate evidence and engage duty bearers in improving service delivery. The CTO galvanised efforts by civil society actors and affected populations to tackle new infections and improve care for selected key populations in Sierra Leone.

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