Vol 6, No 2 (2021)

The Value of Partnership

From the Editor

Partnerships in health care are indispensable. The JHD is working with partners to achieve its mission. Papers in this issue also highlight the value of partnership.


The COVID-19 global pandemic has spotlighted disparities and trust issues in American health care. One patient shares her perspective on the issues, and why she chose to get vaccinated.


Opioid overdose response and health information complexities: A pilot study on Naloxone kit design

Gillian Stephanie Harvey, Michelle Knox, Elaine Hyshka, Aidan Rowe, Lianne Lefsrud, Susan Sommerfeldt, Mary Forhan
The distribution of Naloxone kits has revealed the need for alternative ways to get training, kits, and education to individuals at risk of overdose. An interdisciplinary study explored barriers to adopting and using Naloxone kits and found several opportunities to use design methods to identify and address barriers.
This literature review provides a summary of men’s help‐seeking behaviour to reduce their alcohol intake and synthesises identified barriers and motivators.

Research Protocol

This research protocol paper presents key lessons learned at Innolab IGT, a medical, technology, and innovation laboratory that has short distances between operating rooms and labs, responsive communication, and the ability to identify clinical needs directly.

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