Vol 7, No 2 (2022)

Customising Health Care



The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted professional conferences. This editorial explores the value of in-person versus online conferences and points out some factors that are key for success. It also introduces the concept of the Global Mini-Conference (GMC).
This editorial explores India’s palliative care challenges, especially in the context of the pandemic and lockdown measures. The author explores possible solutions that take advantage of the flexible nature of palliative care to extend its implementation across India.


Early diagnosis and management of testicular cancer can improve mortality and prognosis. This systematic review found extensive patient-, physician-, and system-related factors that increased the length of time to diagnosis.
This literature review indicates that a more suitable method is needed to collect data to enable mass customisation of scalp cooling caps. Head data are more complex for design.

Case Study

Human head analysis for mass customisation in medical design: A pilot study

Jonathan Rex Binder, Ertu Unver, Omar Ivan Cardoso Huerta
The cephalic index is often used for applications involving head size and shape, but are that data still accurate? This pilot study explores mass customisation of scalp cooling caps.

Design Insight

Development of a bespoke 3D-printed spinal brace for lumbar support

George Fryett, Francesco Luke Siena, Matthew Watkins, Philip Breedon
Low back pain (LBP) is a significant contributor to disabilities in the United Kingdom. This article presents the user-centred design approach undertaken by a multidisciplinary design team to develop a bespoke 3D-printed spinal brace using a digital design workflow.

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