Vol 9, No 1 (2024)

With the patient in mind



A welcome note on the examination table shaped a patient's journey into endocrinology. Such practices require no significant investment but yield profound benefits in building equitable doctor-patient relationships and improving overall healthcare quality.

Design Insight

An IV system designed for ambulation: Introducing Motivity, a device to get patients moving

Rachel Monane, David Gordon, Sara Belko, Maitri Doshi, Robert Pugliese
Researchers created an IV system designed for ambulation, improving patient and provider experiences, safety, and utility. Their design addressed like rickety wheels, bases, and poles, difficulty turning and navigating through doorways, and challenges moving the pole while avoiding foot injuries.

Design for optimization of drug administration

Camilla Amato, Daria Cermola, Raffaele Vecchione, Carla Langella
Researchers and designers developed Microneedle Reminder, a wearable device for the wrist, containing nine ready-to-use patches. Microneedles are particularly useful for diseases requiring daily medical care via distributed therapeutic treatments throughout the day.

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